GODIVA offer corporate and personal services

GODIVA offer corporate and personal services

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Chocolate Gold Collection

The GODIVA Chocolate Gold Collection is like a colorful palette, with unparalleled taste and texture through expanded expressions of the five most loved GODIVA chocolate ingredients: hazelnut pralinés, ganaches, carrés, caramels and nuts chocolate series all crafted into new pieces of ultimate temptation.

8/15/24/25/32pcs. Gift boxes go with seasonal charm.

Chocolate Luxury Gift Box

GODIVA luxurious chocolate gift box in an elegant fabric. Open the box to find it filled with wide assortment of chocolates and truffes.

Assortments Truffes

A sensory experience beyond compare, every piece of GODIVA truffe chocolate is full of irresistible allure. GODIVA truffe chocolates promise a voluptuous pleasure with your loved ones, creating a sweet and lasting moment.

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