The Benefits of Eating Chocolate

Cocoa beans were sold in the European pharmacies in the Middle Ages. Cocoa, the main ingredients in chocolate, can be quite beneficial for the human body. For the Mayans, the cocoa bean was known as "food of the gods".

Chocolate's health benefits are in the polyphenol (also known as antioxidants) of cocoa. Antioxidants also exist in red wine and green tea, but the concentration in chocolate is two times as that in red wine. In clinical studies,polyphenol has been shown to modulate immune functions and prevent cardiovascular disease .


The Benefits of Eating Chocolate

Studies have shown that the sweet scent of chocolate can improve attention and memory, while also relieving stress.

Furthermore, cocoa powder contains many mineral substances including calcium, ferrum, magnesium and zinc as well as dietary fiber. Many well-known diets include dark chocolate as a part of weight loss and maintenance programs.